Student Services/Job Placement

Student Services/Job Placement

All school services and programs are responsive to students needs. The services offered by the Ojai School of Canine Massage are services which support student success and enhance the overall educational experience of students. The following services are available ongoing for all students of the Ojai School of Canine Massage:

-Advising services designed to help students to clarify their career goals and other student concerns.

-Student Support designed to assist students in their educational and accommodation needs prior to, during, and following their enrollment in a course.

-Career Support is available to all students. Available students are notified when job opportunities arise.


Students Right to Cancel:

Please visit Cancellation Policies in “Catalog” section of menu.


Student Questions or Grievances:

Any questions, or grievances, a student may have regarding the online catalog, or other, may be directed to the schools Director, Jamie Roth, by phone or by email.



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