Online Canine Massage Course

200 hours online from your home:

Our online Canine Massage certification course allows you to learn a new profession, from your home, at your own pace. Below is a outline of our 200 hour Canine Massage Online certification course which includes audio, video and written instruction.

Instructor: Nick Scott



Description: This comprehensive canine massage distance learning course provides high quality instructional training in the field of canine massage therapy. You will learn over 20 hands-on massage techniques which, when performed regularly, can greatly benefit the dog and help heal a variety of canine musculoskeletal and physiological imbalances. This program, as in our onsite canine massage program, is focused on therapeutic massage which requires a working knowledge of the dogs anatomy, physiology, common pathological conditions, gait/conformation, nutrition and behavior. You will gain access to an abundant amount of additional educational resources in this course.

This course has no prerequisites. The student must have previous experience in handling canines. You need no prior knowledge of massage to take this course and succeed in the canine massage field.

-This online course allows you to learn at your own pace.

-The instructor is readily available to video, or audio, chat with you online in order to answer questions and support your learning process.

-Human massage therapists will find this course to be a great addition to their already existing massage practice.


Canine Massage Class
Small Dog Massage

“I want to convey to you how valuable the Ojai School of Canine Massage course has been in my life. I am now teaching full time at the National Holistic Institute. The time I spent in your course, working with animals, has been invaluable in appreciating the value of energy focused work. Shortly after finishing your course my son’s dog was hit by a car, dislocating his humeroulnar joint. The lessons from your course have been invaluable in his rehabilitation and EASILY paid for the dollar value of the course by easing his path to recovery. I often convey, to my current massage students, the rich lessons to be learned from your course and the many diverse benefits of working with animals. BLESS you!”      Edward S.                                                                                               


Organization of the Online Canine Massage course:

This course includes 12 lessons which may be completed at your own pace. Upon completion of this course, students are required to demonstrate their knowledge of the hands-on techniques learned.  A Skype option may be chose for this students who are unable to come to the school for the onsite/hands-on demonstration. Please call us for more information.

Each lesson includes written instruction (with diagrams) explaining each hands-on canine massage technique, including its benefits and any contraindications for the massage stroke. Following the written lecture are hands-on video demonstrations of each massage technique and how to do it on the dog. Following each video demonstration are audio meditations designed to help you focus and relax in preparation for your next lesson. These meditations will help you learn to tune in to the dogs mental, emotional, physical and energetic state.

A homework assignment is included at the end of each lesson and is designed to help you learn each technique by practicing it outside of class. It is suggested that you take time to practice the information presented in each lesson, therefore one lesson per week is recommended.


Course Objectives:

  • Provide students with a well rounded education, in canine therapeutic massage, so that they can succeed in the business of canine massage. To prepare the layperson, who just wants to learn more about their dog,  learn how to apply professional canine massage techniques on their dog.
  • Provide students with deeply relaxing breath and meditation techniques to help promote you and your animals relaxation, and prepare you for the hands-on healing journey.
  • Introduce specific canine massage techniques designed to ward off stress and illness, improve flexibility and promote you and your animal companions overall health.
  • Gain a new skill or complement your current work with canine massage.
  • Experience the transformative effects of healing massage for both you and your canine friends and enhance the powerful bond between you.
  • Provide hands-on healing techniques to help your canine companion, and other dogs, to live a balanced and healthful life and ensure their liveliness and longevity.
Canine Massage Class
Dog Massage In The Park


Required Textbooks & DVD:

Getting In TTouch With Your Dog

Clinical Anatomy & Physiology for Veterinary Technicians

Dog Anatomy A Coloring Atlas

DVD: Therapeutic Holistic Dog Massage 

Please buy your textbooks off of You can purchase used books. One of your assignments will be to color in the Dog Anatomy, A Coloring Atlas book, so please do not buy this book used. There is an ebook option for two of the books as well. The DVD may also be ordered directly from the Ojai School of Canine Massage by calling (805) 640-9798.

Total Cost of Books and Materials: approximately $200


Tuition Cost: $1,600 when paid in full. Monthly payments for as little as $200/mth. when choosing a finance option.

  • $1,600 when paid in full
  • $1,700 with payment option


** All students attending the onsite course, in full, will receive the online course (lessons 1-12) at no additional cost. Payment is due prior to receiving any online lessons. Students opting for the Online certification course, may also come onsite for all, or a portion, of the onsite course. A daily rate of $125 per day will apply with total tuitions (for onsite and online courses) never to exceed the onsite tuition cost.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

Course Syllabus: A 200-hour online Canine Massage Course                                                

Home Page

  • Course contents
  • Testimonials
  • About Nick Scott, Instructor

Lesson 1  – Preparation for Touch/Starting the Journey

  • Medical Charting/Contraindications and Precautions for canine massage.
  • Silent Meditation Instruction and Hand Energizing video

Lesson 2 – Anatomy and Physiology – 50 hours

Reading Assignment followed by an online test following each chapter.

Textbook:  Clinical Anatomy & Physiology for Veterinary Technicians; Colville ISBN-13: 978-0323227933

Lesson 3 –  Canine Swedish Massage

  • Swedish stroke definitions and contraindications
  • Video demonstration-Swedish strokes
  • Meditation preparation and audio

Lesson 4 – Canine Trigger Point Therapy

  • Definition/Description of trigger point therapy
  • Video demonstration (Human demonstration and dog massage demonstration)
  • Sound Meditation description and audio

Lesson 5 – Canine Acupressure

  • Description and diagrams of canine acupressure.
  • Video demonstration af the various canine acupressure techniques.
  • Taoist Meditation descriptions and audio.

Lesson 6 – Canine Myofascial Release 

  • Definition/Description of canine myofascial release.
  • Video demonstration
  • Mirror Meditation

Lesson 7 –  TTouch For Dogs One      

  • Description and Origination of TTouch massage
  • MassageDescription/Diagrams/Uses of 11 TTouch strokes.
  • Video demonstration of 11 TTouch strokes
  • Breath Cleansing Video

Lesson 8 – TTouch For Dogs Two

  • Description and uses for 8 additional TTouch massage strokes
  • Video demonstration of 8 additional TTouch massage strokes
  • Pranayama meditations and audio

Lesson 9 – Canine Stretching Routines

  • Description/Uses/precautions for stretching the dog
  • Video demonstration
  • Candle and Dream Meditation

Lesson 10 – Orthopedic Pathologies

Lesson 11 – Business as it relates to the field of Canine Massage.

Lesson 12 – Nutrition 


 “Regular massage is an effective way to contribute to the well-being of animals and help them live in a balanced and healthful way while enhancing the loving, trusting bond between us.”

Canine Massage
 Dog Massage At The Shelter



 ** Please feel free to contact me if you require help, or if you have questions or feedback regarding the course. Please send email correspondence to Nick Scott at Thank you!

31 comments on “Online Canine Massage Course

  • admin

    Hi there, I’m still very interested in taking the course in Canine Massage Therapy.. When is the next scheduled session?

    Thanks so much,

  • admin
    christine merrill says:

    please send me all information regarding small animal massage therapy. Also including information on if this is accepted for National Certification for Massage Therapy and Bodyworkers.
    Thank you

  • admin
    Deborah Secor says:

    Hello Ojai School of Massage!

    I have researched your wonderful school for several years but it was not quite time, and now I am ready to go! I have had my dog walking business for 8 years and love dogs and want to give them the touch of life and balance to their life! I am now ready to finally begin my knowledge journey into canine massage! My life revolves around dogs and I cannot wait to be certified and bring happiness into dogs’ lives and donate my time to great rescue groups in San Diego! I will probably do on-site visit for my skills assessment. My two dogs are service dogs, emotional service and therapy dogs! Thank you for being there! I look forward to being enlightened soon!


  • admin
    Shari Ronstadt says:

    I have great faith in massage therapy as I had a dog who in her later years needed massage therapy to continue her quality of life. Fortunately, I was able to find a wonderful person here in Tucson and would sit with her and my sweet friend and could see the healing as it was happening and see the results as time went by. I credit this massage with giving my baby at least 2 extra years of good quality life. I have had dogs all my life as well as many other animals, including horses.
    I am very interested in this area of working with animals. I am currently in real estate and realize I would rather be spending my time doing something I love and so have been looking to find a way to work with animals and dogs specifically. Please send me information on Canine Massage Distance Therapy and Small Animal Massage Program. How soon might a new class be starting. As I am in Tucson, the Distance Therapy program would likely be my best way to start. Thank you for your assistance. I look forward to hearing from you!

  • admin

    Hello in Ojai!!
    I am currently a recent graduate in Wyoming for Massage Therapy and Bodywork with previous Certification of Veterinary Technician. I have been doing some research on programs that allow their students to complete certification online. I was wondering if your school accepts Federal Financial Aid for tuition costs. Please let me know if this is possible. I cant wait to hear from you! Thank you for your time.

    • admin

      Hello Amy,
      We do not accept Federal Financial Aid for tuition costs I am sorry to say. You can work out a payment plan with us though that would be affordable for you. Call the school at 805-640-9798 and talk to Jamie Roth when you have a chance. Keep up the good work. Massage for humans and animals is a wonderful healing field to work in. Good luck on your journey.

  • admin
    Virginia Mandella says:

    What is taught during the extra 50 hours at the onsite certification (200 hrs.) as opposed to the online course (150hrs)?

    • admin

      The answer to your question is that there is more hands on in the in class portion of the class, gait assessment needs to be done in class, anatomy palpation, acupuncture point location and palpation and Pilates for dogs because we have the equipment at the school.

  • admin

    The home study course may fit better with my work schedule. I live in Riverside county. How much extra might it cost if I wanted to come for a day or specific time and have Scott tutor to ensure I was doing technique properly from the home study? Being there for the on site class is too much for me as I’m a mom and we have a ranch.

  • admin

    Hello, I’m kind of in the same boat as Nancy (above). I work full-time during the week. I could drive to Ojai on Friday and be in attendance for the weekend. Would it be better for me to do a private lesson or maybe Nancy and I could split the cost? Any suggestions you can please provide would be greatly appreciated.

  • admin

    I want to know if the online course is enough training to start a business. The onsite class seems more in depth, but I unfortunately cannot do that one. Have online course grads from your school started their own businesses that you know of? Do online students receive certification like the onsite students? Last question…can online class begin at anytime or are there specific starting dates?

    • admin

      Hello Maria,
      Yes, the online course provides enough training to start a business and we have graduates who took the course online who have started their own business.You would receive a certificate for 150 hours of training upon completion of the course. You can begin the online course at any time. You have access to the teacher whenever you need help to get you going on your business planning or learning any of the subject matter. You can also take portions of the onsite program if it fits into your schedule. The next onsite program is scheduled for the beginning of October so you could drop in and take a few of the onsite classes to help you.

  • admin

    I saw your program, I live in New England and was interested in the on-line program. When the class if finished, how would I be certified if traveling to CA isn’t an option.
    What makes your program different from the one offered by
    e-training for dogs?
    Thank you

    • admin

      Hello Robin,
      Thank you for your interest in our canine massage program. I will try to answer your questions. I would need to know where you are living and planning to practice in New England to answer your first question. The first place to look to find out whether you can practice animal massage legally in your state is here. You should also check with the veterinary board in your state just to make sure that what you are planning to do is legal or if there are any restrictions on animal massage their. I have checked etrainingfordogs website and they don’t give much information on what is included in their course. We give you a full description of everything included in our course including the different modalities of massage that you are learning so this is the first difference between our programs that I see. Our price is $175 lower then theirs and we provide an option for having a monthly payment plan. We are a preferred provider of the IAAMB which is the national organization for canine massage therapists. This means that we meet the 200 hour minimum requirement for canine massage therapy training programs and they have vetted our program to make sure that is has the correct amount of hours in all subjects. We are also a member of the NBCAAM and we meet their requirements to take the national certification if you choose to take the test to become nationally certified. We have been a state approved school in California since 1999 and I see no state approval for the etrainingfordogs course. You would have full access to the instructor in our course via Skype or any other video chat program. In order to tell you the other differences in our program I would need to have full disclosure of all of etrainingfordogs course hours so that I could point out the differences. I hope that this answers your questions. If you have other questions and would like to talk to me directly please feel free to contact us again and I would be glad to talk to you by phone or email. Have a wonderful day.

  • admin
    Gerrit Klaschke says:

    Hi! I have been researching schools to learn dog massages and came across your school.

    Does the 200 hours course end with a certificate? CMT? Or do I have to sit for an exam with NBCAAM? I understand that the final exam is on site.

    I live in San Diego so I’m also wondering if there is an opportunity to sit in one of your ‘onsite’ classes before committing to the online course?

    I also saw an earlier comment that there is an option to do the online course but do some of the classes onsite.


    • admin

      The 200 hour course does end up with a certificate of completion. You would be a CAMT after completing the program.You do not need to sit for the NBCAAM exam after completing our course but our program does prepare you to take either of the two exams they offer. Our curriculum meets their requirements to be able to sit for the exam as long as you have at least 50 hours of hands on classes completed. If you take only the online program you would not meet the NBCAAM’s requirements to sit for the exam because they require 50 hours of hands on training and allow 150 of online training. The state of California does not require licensing to do animal massage so taking the national exam is not so important in California. Yes, you can come to Ojai and take part of the hands on program. Contact us for a syllabus to see what subject matter we will be covering on the dates we offer the hands on course. I hope this answers your questions Gerrit. Jamie informs me that she has already contacted you so if you have any other questions please feel free to contact us again.

  • admin
    Marie Rozell says:

    I was interested in doing the online program but I had a few questions. I know to become nationally certified you need 50 hours hands on work, due to living in north Idaho it would be hard to go to CA. If I do the course can I at a later time finish the 50 hours, or do you guys outsource to other places that may offer hands on but are closer?
    Also is this a work at your own pace online class or do you have deadlines?
    I just finished my last LVT program class and I spent a lot of time doing papers (30 plus pages minimum), will the assignments be a lot of papers for this program?
    Can you start the program any time or do you have to wait?

    Thank you!

    • admin

      Hello Marie. If you do the course you can come to a later onsite class to get the 50 hours of onsite training in to fulfill the requirements for the national certification. As is stands right now, there is no state that requires the national certification so there is really no need be become nationally certified other then to add a level of recognized competency to your resume. If you do want to become nationally certified you can take a 50 hands on course from any other of the approved schools that are near you. You can start the online program at anytime. I hope this answers your questions. If not please contact us again and we will get right back to you.

  • admin

    Jamie will contact you in the morning and answer any questions that you might have. Thanks for your interest in learning how to massage dogs and improve their health.

  • admin

    Hello! Very interested in the online program but I live in Canada. I would really like to be able to take the NBCAAM exams at the end. But getting down to your campus is definitely not an option for 50 hours, a vet office near me has a certified massage therapist from the Pet Massage Training and Research institute. If I was to ask her for the 50 hours of hands on training and she can provide documentation to you would that be an option or does it have to come from your on site training.

    • admin

      You should contact the NBCAAM directly and ask them whether they would approve the hands on hours you are going to take. We could give you the 150 certificate for the distance learning and if the school you are planning on going to is approved by the NBCAAM then there should be no problem.

  • admin
    Dave Petteruto says:

    Hello, can you please give me a little detail on what information is covered in the online class, in #11 the Business lesson?
    Also, is the hands-on demonstration at the school included in the tuition fee and about how long does that take?

    Thanks for your time.

    • admin

      How to set up a business is covered. Students also need to submit a business and marketing plan, business card and gift certificates. You will talk to the instructor about getting your business started and get useful ideas on where and hot to market your services. The hands on demonstration can happen through you loading videos of you doing massage on animals into a Dropbox folder that the instructor can make comments on and help guide you through the various massage strokes and modalities. You can also give live demonstrations to the instructor via Skype or Google Talk. Another option is to come to Ojai during the September class schedule to demonstrate your massage to the instructor and get hands on feedback.

  • admin
    kersten Iverson says:

    Hello…I was wondering if the online course starts at a certain date? if so, when? Where/how do I register for the payment plan?
    thank you for your help…

  • admin

    I would like to be nbcaam certified. To do that you need 200 hours is there anyway with the online course to obtain the extra 50 hours needed? I live in Georgia so it is impossible for me to be able to attend



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