Holistic Dog Massage Video with Subtitles

About the Video:

Nick Scott is an authority in the holistic healing field and the creator of his IAAMB approved Small Animal Massage certification program. This educational video covers many of the techniques covered in his classes, as well as other highly effective therapies and easy-to-follow instructions on the use of massage techniques for your canine companion; to reduce pain or simply to promote your dog’s overall health. You will learn Compression, Effleurage, Petrissage, Tapotement, Scar Tissue Massage, Energy Balancing, Abdominal Massage, Trigger Point Therapy, Vibration Ice Massage, Canine Anatomy, and Contraindications to Massage.

“Nick’s superb understanding of dogs’ bodies, and clear instructions on massage techniques, add up to a must-have for dog lovers.” – Tamar Geller, Author of The Loved Dog

Please note: The information presented in this video is for educational purposes only. A professional Canine Massage Therapist does not treat or diagnose an animal. Only a Veterinarian has the education and skill to treat injuries and illnesses in animals. Please check with your Veterinarian to ensure there are no contraindications to massage for your animal companion.

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