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~ Dog Massage Classes ~


We hope you will enjoy these images of our dog massage classes as much as the dogs enjoyed getting the massages; and as much as the students enjoyed giving the dog massages. Most all of our dogs love receiving massage and are willing subjects that will donate their bodies for the students to practice on for hours on end (with a few potty stops in between). After 12 1/2 days in class, the dogs are so blissed out and they may appear to be sleeping to the casual onlooker. Dogs that barked at any little noise, in the beginning of class, couldn’t be bothered by anything by the end of the class. Students take their dogs home at night and describe how their dog “passes out” until the morning, eager for another glorious spa day when they wake up. Every dog should have their day in the sun and get some healing touch on a regular basis. The healing the dogs get in the class alone is of so much value to the dogs health and well being. Students that could not bring dogs to class had willing subjects from the local community. Maji, Sparky and Tanque have become favorites of the class. Their caretakers complain to us that their dogs get more massages then they do. We will continue to add pictures of new classes and we welcome alumni to send us pictures of their dog massage class as well.

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