Dog Massage Class Images

We hope that you will enjoy these images of our dog massage classes as much as the dogs enjoyed getting the massages; and as much as the students enjoyed giving the dog massages.  After 12 1/2 days in class, the dogs are so “blissed out”. The dogs who barked at any little noise, in the beginning of class, couldn’t be bothered by anything by the end of class. The healing the dogs receive in class, alone, is of so much value to the dogs health and well being.

Those students who could not bring dogs to class had willing subjects from the local community. Mayzi, Angus and Bhav have become favorites of the class. Their caretakers complain to us that their dogs get more massages then they do!

We will continue to add pictures of new classes and we welcome alumni to send us pictures of their dog massage class as well.

“I would like to thank you for every thing you did in making the arrangements for the on-site canine massage class. Rosie was a perfect fit for me! I learned a great deal in those two weeks and will continue to gain knowledge as I work through the online portion of the training. It was an honor to be a student of Nick’s and be a part of the program.”

In gratitude,
In Love,

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