Holistic Canine Massage Course

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Lesson 1  Preparation for Touch/Starting the Journey

  • Medical Charting, Contraindications, Animal Handling and Safety, Canine Gait Assessment, Hygiene.
  • Silent Meditation Instruction and Hand Energizing video.
  • Legal Issues.

Lesson 2  Anatomy and Physiology – 50 hours

  • Clinical Anatomy and Physiology for Veterinary Technicians.
  • Complete open book tests for Clinical Anatomy and Physiology.
  • Anatomy  of Canine Locomotion.

Lesson 3  Canine Swedish Massage

  • Swedish stroke definitions and actions.
  • Video demonstrations of Swedish massage strokes.
  • Meditation preparation and audio.

Lesson 4  Canine Trigger Point Therapy

  • Definition and Description of how to apply trigger point therapy.
  • Video demonstrations on humans and dogs of trigger point therapy application.
  • Sound Meditation description and audio.

Lesson 5 – Canine Acupressure

  • Description and diagrams of canine acupressure meridian and acupressure points.
  • Video demonstration of Tui Na and canine acupressure techniques.
  • Taoist Meditation descriptions and audio.

Lesson 6 Canine Myofascial Release

  • Definition and description of application of canine myofascial release.
  • Video demonstrations of canine myofascial release techiques.
  • Mirror Meditation.

Lesson 7 – TTouch For Dogs One

  • Description of Tellington Touch methods.
  • First 11 TTouch technique descriptions, definitions and video demonstrations.
  • Breath cleansing instructional video.

Lesson 8 – TTouch For Dogs Two

  • Description and uses for 8 additional TTouch techniques.
  • Additional 8 TTouch technique descriptions, definitions and video demonstrations.
  • Pranayama meditations and audio.

Lesson 9 – Canine Stretching Routines

  • Passive Stretching, Post Isometric Relaxation and Active Isolated Stretching.
  • Video demonstrations of Canine Stretching Routines.
  • Candle and Dream Meditation.

Lesson 10 – Orthopedic Pathologies

  • Common canine Orthopedic Pathologies.
  • Links to common Orthopedic surgical procedures.
  • Videos of canine Orthopedic surgeries.

Lesson 11 – Business as it relates to the field of Canine Massage

  • Establish a vision and create a business plan.
  • Create a marketing plan.
  • How to establish a successful Canine Massage business.

Lesson 12 – Nutrition

  • Learn proper nutritional guidelines for dogs and cats.
  • Learn the relationship between pet food, health and disease.
  • Learn about dog food ingredients.

Lesson 13 – (Optional Lesson) Hydro and Thermal Therapy – FREE



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