Onsite Small Animal/Canine Massage Program

Onsite Small Animal/Canine  Massage Program (Massage for Dogs and Cats)

Dog Massage Class
Animal Massage Class

200 Hours (100 Hours Onsite/100 Hours Distance Education)

Course Instructor: Nick Scott, CMT/LMT

Schedule and Curriculum:

The onsite canine massage certification course is offered once every year.  This 13 1/2 day intensive program is held at a separate venue outside of our administrative office location. Our program schedule may be viewed on our website calendar or please call us at (805) 640-9798 for more information.

The course material includes:

Canine Massage 76 hours: Covers Swedish Massage for dogs, Myofascial Release for dogs, Trigger Point Therapy for dogs, Acupressure for dogs, TTouch for dogs, Passive Stretching for dogs. Proper charting techniques for the professional canine massage therapist will also be covered in this class.

Canine Hydrotherapy 4 hours: Covers indications and contraindications for hydrotherapy, application of hot and cold packs, cryotherapy and commercially available therapy packs. This is not an aquatic therapy class but if you are looking for a swim therapy or  canine aquatic therapy class you should check with the IAAMB.

Canine Gait Analysis 4 hours: Covers canine locomotion, structural analysis, conformation of the dog, video taping of canine gaiting patterns and correct charting.

Canine First Aid 2 hours: Covers common first aid procedures for animals.

Canine Safety, Hygiene and Handling: 4 hours: Covers the basics of safe handling, simple training techniques, identification of animal behavior patterns and canine communication signals.

Canine Anatomy 40 hours: Covers canine skeletal and canine muscular anatomy. Students will be  learn the names of all of the bones in the animals body, major boney landmarks and the major muscles of the body with their origins, insertions and actions.

Canine Anatomy Palpation Class
Anatomy Palpation Class

Canine Physiology 30 hours: Students will learn the functions of the eleven systems of the body and the basics of animal nutrition.

Canine Pathology 10 hours: Students will learn about the top ten canine and feline pathologies and how identify the signs and symptoms of these pathologies. Zoonoses and communicable diseases will also be covered in this class.

Canine Massage Business Development 10 hours: Students will develop a business plan and learn how to market their services. You will walk out of this class with your business and marketing plan in hand along with your business card design and gift certificates. You will learn how to develop a successful business in the field of canine masssage

Case Studies 10 hours: Students will complete 10 hours of fully charted independent case studies on at least three different dogs that are not their own so that we can see that you know how to correctly document your dog massage sessions and to get you to start working with dogs that are not your own .

Required texts:

Application of Tui-Na In Veterinary Medicine

Getting In TTouch With Your Dog

Clinical Anatomy & Physiology for Veterinary Technicians

Dog Anatomy A Coloring Atlas

Therapeutic Holistic Dog Massage DVD

Total Cost of Books and Materials is approximately $200

You can look for used books other then the Dog Anatomy A Coloring Atlas from a variety of used book stores online. One of your assignments will be to color in the coloring book, so please do not buy this book used. There is an ebook option for two of the books as well. The DVD may also be ordered directly from the Ojai School of Canine Massage by calling (805) 640-9798.

Cost of Tuition: $1,950

Finance Plan: Students may make monthly payments by paying as little as $200 per month towards their total tuition cost. A finance charge will apply.

Total tuition: $1950 when paid in full.                                                                                                Total tuition: $2050 with payment option.

Canine Pilates Class
Tanque On Rocker Board


During the course there is a in-class/online test for Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology, and Massage. All online tests require a minimum score of 75% to pass the class. Online tests are not timed and can be taken more than once if the student fails a test. There are no required internships or externships in this class.

Test Grades are measured using percentages and are calculated below:

0-74%= Non passing grade

75%-100%= Passing grade



Students completing all program requirements will receive a certificate of completion  from the Ojai School of Canine Massage.

Ojai School of Canine Massage is approved by the International Association of Animal Massage & Bodywork/Association of Canine Water Therapy as an Approved Preferred Educational Provider. We are also an Approved Education Provider by the American Council of Animal Naturopathy. We are a member of the NBCAAM. We are approved by the BPPE as a exempt institution.