Staff & Faculty

Jamie L. Roth, C.M.T., B.A.

Jamie is a founder and Director of the Ojai School of Canine Massage. She studied pre-physical therapy at Georgia State University, and received her bachelors degree in liberal arts in 1985; and taught fitness for three years. Jamie went on to earn her massage therapy certification in 1991 and practiced massage therapy for eight years. While integrating her vision of holistic health into her massage practice, she is dedicated to furthering her knowledge of the healing arts for body, mind, and spirit. In 1999 Jamie opened the Ojai School of Canine Massage, along with Nick Scott. In taking on the administrative duties of this school, Jamie has focused her energies on enriching the curriculum and assisting students in discovering and actualizing their life work.

“I gratefully acknowledge all of you who have recognized the unique healing potential of massage. I am also grateful for our main instructor, Nick Scott, who superbly conveys the school’s message through his depth of wisdom. We hope to share with you the fulfilling gifts of health, healing, and vitality. We look forward to the opportunity of providing for you a nurturing environment where you may acquire both in-depth knowledge and a balanced and peaceful spirit of healing.” – Jamie L. Roth

Jamie and Nick OSOCM
Jamie and Nick

Nick J. Scott, C.M.T.

Nick is a founder, Instructor and Associate Director of the Ojai School of Canine Massage. He graduated in 1986 from Desert Institute of the Healing Arts, one of the premier massage schools in the nation. In 1988 he graduated from Educating Hands School of Massage with additional training in Hydrotherapy. He then studied Chinese Acupressure and Dit Dar treatments with Augustine Fong, and went on to study Attentive Physical Transformation with Gregory Johnson. Nick has been presenting workshops and teaching massage therapy since 1989, and has taught advanced massage classes at Educating Hands School of Massage. Having spent eight years in a Tibetan Buddhist retreat center, he brings to his classes a unique blend of meditation and massage techniques.

“I believe that, for all living beings, the power of love is the most effective force for healing. Through a peaceful mind, the clear light of joy can shine impartially on all who suffer. My hope is to help pass on the knowledge of compassionate action that my teachers so kindly shared with me. In this way, I further hope to play a part in preparing the legions of love and light to move forward into a new dawn of hope, health, and happiness.” – Nick J. Scott