Pet Massage Music

7 Amazing New “Musical Tones” Found To Relieve Stress… Promote Healing… Break Negative Cycles… and Restore Sound Sleep… in Minutes

Works great for people AND pets!

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“I wish I knew about this years ago…After witnessing first hand the calming effects on my new dogs, I’m a lifelong believer now! …The rain and thunder frightens my dog, but the Wholetones music calmed him and he slept! My 4 month old puppies do not like car rides. I sit in the back seat holding one. Once this music started, her body completely relaxed! Both closed their eyes and were much more relaxed! Thank you so much!!”  C.A.

“I have a 100 lb Anatolian Shephard Dog who is absolutely terrified of fireworks and thunderstorms…He shakes, whines and tries to dig his way underneath me during our frequent thunderstorms. I played the WholeTones for pets CD and the results were AMAZING. Along with the thunder coat, he gradually calmed down and after about 3 plays of the CD, he was actually asleep. During a recent thunder storm, I put the music on and left the room. At the end of CD, he came to me. I restarted the CD and he went back to his “safe place” …and again went to sleep. Each time the CD stops, he comes to me, I start it again and he relaxes. Incredible. I cannot express how awesome a change this has been for me and Obe. Thank you for this wonderful gift to my big old dog and to me!  I highly recommend this product if you have a pet with noise anxiety.” K.B.