California Assembly Bill 1980

California Assembly Bill 1980
This bill was almost passed through the California legislature without opposition. The original wording in this bill would have prevented musculoskeletal manipulation from being practiced by anyone other then a veterinarian in this state. Thanks to the IAAMB and other concerned individuals who brought this to the light of day. Those of you who called in and emailed certainly made a difference in the ability of animal caretakers and healers ability to help heal animals. I just got off of the phone with Rebecca May who works with the author of this bill and she said that the bill just passed through the legislature today and is on the governors desk for signing into law so we can all breathe a little easier. Rebecca said that their intention was not to exclude complementary health care practitioners from working with animals and that they no one, even the veterinary board wanted to go after massage therapists. All physical therapists and massage therapists can now relax about whether massage and physical therapy is legal in this state.

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